Miami Convention Renovation

In the bustling world of urban development and architecture, recognition for excellence is akin to receiving an Oscar in the film industry. One such accolade that has been making waves is the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Florida/Caribbean 2023 Project of the Year Award, and the Miami Beach Convention Center has earned its place as one of the top five finalists for this year.

A Notable Transformation
The Miami Beach Convention Center, nestled in the heart of this vibrant coastal city, has recently undergone a substantial renovation and expansion project. This ambitious endeavor has breathed new life into an iconic venue, making it not only a source of pride for Miami Beach and Florida, but also a potential winner of the prestigious ULI award.

Acknowledging Excellence
Mayor Dan Gelber of Miami Beach expressed his gratitude for the recognition the project has received. The renovation and expansion have not only revitalized the Convention Center but have also significantly enhanced the overall experience for residents and visitors, particularly those attending conventions.

The Collaborative Effort
Behind this remarkable transformation stands a coalition of talented individuals and firms. Fentress Architects, Arquitectonica, West 8, Wallace Engineering, ME Engineers, Kimley-Horn, Clark Construction, and Hill International are the names that have come together to breathe life into this project. Their collective expertise and vision have played a pivotal role in reshaping the Miami Convention Center.

A Greener Perspective
The refurbished Convention Center doesn't just boast aesthetic improvements; it's also environmentally conscious. Achieving Silver LEED Certification, the project has introduced 12 acres of lush green space and reinvigorated the Collins Canal pedestrian walkway. One of the most noteworthy changes has been the conversion of a significant portion of surface parking lot into a tropical park. This not only adds to the city's greenery, but also increases the previous acreage of the 25-acre campus by a remarkable 245%, while significantly mitigating the heat island effect. In addition, the Center now also proudly houses $10.2 million worth of public art, contributing to Miami Beach's cultural richness.

Miami Beach Convention Center Renovation cover photo

The Miami Beach Convention Center is an embodiment of modern visionary urban development. Whether it clinches the ULI Florida/Caribbean 2023 Project of the Year Award or not, its transformation serves as an inspiring testament to what's possible in the world of urban design and development. The ultimate winner of the Urban Land Institute's Florida/Caribbean 2023 Project of the Year will be revealed at the 2023 Vision Awards event on November 28th in Miami.

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